By Mary Riemersma
Executive Director (CAMFT)

The Board voted to repeal a longstanding BBS Policy that prohibits the BBS acceptance of degrees gained through correspondence programs. The reason for the repeal of the policy was not the belief that correspondence education is acceptable, but the fact that a BBS "policy" is not defensible. To be enforceable, such a policy should be contained in law or regulation.

Following the repeal of this policy, there was discussion on distance learning programs in general. While distance learning, in one form or another, will continue to be a recognized means of education in all areas of academia, it was believed that entire programs of study for mental health professionals cannot be effectively delivered solely through distance learning approaches.

To gather more information on what existing schools are offering by distance learning, and to find out what the schools believe to be appropriate or not, the BBS will conduct a survey. When the survey is completed, the BBS is proposing that a "workshop" be planned to incorporate the views of the Board's various constituencies.

Found in:
The California Therapist:
The Magazine of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
March/April 2000