Distance Learning Surveys

Summary by Guy C. Lamunyon (primary researcher)

January, 2002


Below please find distance learning surveys completed to establish guidelines for course development. Guidelines for independent study/homestudy (distance learning) can be found in the next section (Section 2).


The first survey, completed in 1994 (see Section 3), was done to establish written guidelines for providers inquiring about the development of distance learning courses. The method was to compare a convenience sample of nursing homestudy programs with courses from the Institute of Addiction Awareness, the sole provider of addiction specific approved homestudy courses available at that time. In 1994, nursing education courses averaged 1.9 pages per hour of credit and had an average of 4.2 questions per hour. The sole provider of homestudy courses in 1994 dramatically exceeded the nursing average of pages per credit hour, with 9.1 pages per credit hour. The number of questions per credit hour was lower than the nursing average, with the Institute of Addiction Awareness showing 3.2 questions per credit hour. When the averages for nursing courses were combined with averages for the sole addiction study course provider in 1994, the overall averages were 3.7 pages per credit hour and 5.4 questions per credit hour. The finding of this survey were used in the development of the INDEPENDENT STUDY/HOMESTUDY PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT guidelines found in Section 2


A second survey was completed in 1999 (see Section 4) upon requests for guidelines for the development of internet based online distance learning courses. Nine addictions specific providers were surveyed. At the time of the survey, only one provider (the Institute of Addiction Awareness) had internet based courses available. The mean (average) questions per credit hour was 4.1 and the mean (average) for pages per credit hour was 14.9. No changes in the guidelines found in Section 2 were recommended as a result of this second survey. Results of this survey were made available to all providers.


---------------------------- Section 2 ---------------------------------




Several methods for the development of homestudy/independent study programs are described here for use by authors, developers and providers of continuing education by homestudy/independent study.




Authors of homestudy/independent study courses using the Field Testing Method write continuing education materials for homestudy courses and determine the ratings of hours per course. These materials are pilot field tested using already licensed or certified healthcare professionals. The results of such field testing determine an average number of hours for course completion and a minimum post-test cutoff score.




Providers of continuing education contract with educational consultants expert in the development of continuing education programs. Paid consultants develop educational programs and specify number of contact hours and passing post-test cutoff score.




Developers of continuing education programs survey existing providers to determine acceptable difficulty levels, page-per-CEU ratios and posttest questions-per-CEU ratios.


A recent survey of continuing education providers indicates suggested development guidelines of 3-5 pages per CEU and 3-5 post test questions-per-CEU. Post tests in the essay format may be used as an alternative format in some situations as in the case of ethics courses.




Audiotapes and videotapes are rated by actual hours of play time. Additional time may be allocated for registration, study guides and completion of required surveys and post test.


---------------------------------------------------------------- Section 3 -----------------------------------------------------------------------


Continuing Education Provider Survey ***

January, 1994


Provider       Topic                  Hrs     Pgs      Pg/Hr  Quest  Quest/Hr.


AJCEN          Tardive Dyskinesia      4       8       2.0      20       5.0

AJCEN          Hepatitis B Vaccine     3       8       2.7      20       6.7

AJCEN          Genital Herpes          2       4       2.0      20       5.0

AJCEN          Sex and the Elderly     2       5       2.5      10       5.0

AJCEN          Nutrition & Drug Tx     4       7       1.8      20       5.0

AJCEN          Antihypertensives       5      12       2.4      20       4.0

AJCEN          Anovulatory Women       5      12       2.4      20       4.0

AJCEN          Imaging Techniques      5      12       2.4      20       4.0

AJCEN          Summary (Averages) -------------------  2.3 -----------   4.8


CME Resource   Death                  15      28       1.9     100       6.7

CME Resource   Homeopathy             10      22       2.2     100      10.0

CME Resource   LUPUS                   5       9       1.8      80      16.0

CME Resource   Ethics                 15      26       1.7     100       6.7

CME Resource   R.E.T.                 10      16       1.6     100      10.0

CME Resource   Diabetes Type I         5      11       2.2      30       6.0

CME Resource   Summary (Averages) ------------------   1.9  ----------   9.2


NCCE           AIDS and the Caregiver  4      11       2.8      30       7.5

NCCE           Pain Management        12      11       0.9      30       2.5

NCCE           T.B. in the U.S.       12      11       0.9      30       2.5

NCCE           Summary (Averages) -------------------  1.5 -----------   4.2


Summary of Above Nursing Providers (Averages) -------  1.9 -----------   6.1


IAA            Ethics                 15      60       4.0      30       2.0

IAA            AIDS                   15     105       7.0      55       3.7

IAA            Cocaine Concepts       15     116       7.7      40       2.7

IAA            Designer Drugs         15     164      10.9      50       3.3

IAA            Dual Diagnosis         15     141       9.4      60       4.0

IAA            Opiates                15     113       7.5      50       3.3

IAA            Relapse                15     155      10.3      55       3.7

IAA            Alcohol Concepts       30     227       7.6     100       3.3

IAA            Alcohol Addiction      15     227      15.1      50       3.3

IAA            Cocaine Addiction      15      98       6.5      40       2.7

IAA            Co-Dependency          15     209      13.9      50       3.3

IAA            Summary (Averages) ------------------   9.1 ------------  3.2


Summary of all of the above (Averages) -------------   3.7 ------------  5.4


Providers Included:


American Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing

P.O. Box 88-2104

San Francisco, CA 94188


Approved for Nurses in California and Florida

Accepted in Colorado, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota,

Nevada and New Mexico.


Continuing Medical Education for California Nurses

PO Box 15163

Sacramento, CA 95851-0163


Approved for Nurses in California, Florida and Alabama.

Accepted in Massachusetts, Minnesota and Nevada.


National Center of Continuing Education, Inc.

P.O. Box 1407

Roseville, CA 95678


Approved by American Nursing Association and Alabama,

California, Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Kentucky.

Accepted for all Military Nurses, Physicians Assistants,

Critical Care Nurses, Operating Room Nurses, Surgical

Technologists, Surgical Assistants and in Alaska,

Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada,

New Mexico, Oregon and Texas based on American Nursing

Association Accreditation.


Institute of Addiction Awareness

31878 Del Obispo #118, Suite 433

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


Approved by National Assocation of Alcoholism and Drug

Abuse Counselors and for counselors in California,

Texas and New York and accepted by reciprocity in many

states. Approved for nurses in California and accepted by

reciprocity in many states.


---------------------------------------------- Section 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------


Distance Learning Survey ***

Phase I Report

May, 1999


Mean (average) post test questions per CEH

7.5                 Western Schools

6.9                 CMR Homestudy

5.0         U.S. Journal/Professional Counselor

4.2           Institute of Addiction Awareness

2.9           Laban’s Addiction Specific Trainings

2.5           Contempory Teaching Videos

2.6           Women and Addiction

2.4                 Hatherleigh

1.4                 Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior


Mean (average) pages per CEH

48.6       Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior

24.1        Contempory Teaching Videos

18.1       CMR Homestudy

14.8       Western Schools

9.5           Institute of Addiction Awareness

6.5                 Hatherleigh

5.5         U.S. Journal/Professional Counselor

4.2           Women and Addiction

2.9           Laban’s Addiction Specific Trainings


NOTE: American Continuing Education indicates no current homestudy programs, but plans to have available, “again in the future.”


Telephone Support: All providers have telephone support available to counselors. IAHB indicates, “administrative support, not for content.”


Email Support: All providers have email support available to counselors except for U. S Journal, CMR and American Continuing Education. IAHB indicates, “administrative support, not for content.”


Chat Room: Contemporary Teaching Videos has a chat room available. Laban-LAST indicates a chat room will be available in 1999, however demand has been “minimal” for such a service.


Instructor in Chat Room: No providers have instructors available in chat rooms.


Email address:

Contemporary Teaching Videos                        ceuinfo@ctvinc.com

Institute of Addiction Awareness                    CEUInstitute@aol.com

Laban-LAST                                                         richie@ptd.net

Western Schools                                                 customerservice@westernschools.com

Women and Addiction                                       None listed

Inst. Advance. Human Behavior                   Ce@ibh.com

Hatherleigh                                                  editorial@hatherleigh.com

US Journal                                                   PC@hci-online.com



Contemporary Teaching Videos                        ctvinc.com

Institute of Addiction Awareness                    CEUInstitute.com

Laban-LAST                                                         last-homestudy.com

Western Schools                                                 westernschools.com

Women and Addiction                                       None listed

Inst. Advance. Human Behavior                   IBH.com

Hatherleigh                                                  hatherleigh.com

US Journal                                                   professionalcounselor.com or USJT.com


Internet Courses: Only Institute of Addiction Awareness has internet courses available at this time. Laban-LAST indicates “little demand” but will “probably go on line in 1999.” Hatherleigh reports internet courses will be available Sept. 1999.



*** All original survey data is available from the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Counselors.

NOTE: From inception to 2001 no CAADAC/CADCEP provider approvals were withdrawn
from failure to comply with preapproval guidelines (or for any other reason).
One homestudy provider decided not to renew rather than make changes suggested
requested/required by the approving board.